Supreme Court Sun Hex Reviews

"rather magnificent"
-Relix Magazine

Relix Magazine
Issue 231, April/May 2011

Court’s in session. The first half of Sun Hex (SnowStar), the second Supreme Court album by former Hampton Grease Band guitar guru Glenn Phillips and fellow Atlantan Jeff Calder, of Swimming Pool Q’s renown, is rather magnificent. A mysterious stranger rolls into town and fucks with the sun in the title track, while a mummy still thinks it’s good to be king in “Millionaire in Rags.” Side two’s no slouch either; even songs that don’t delve into the arcane realms of power feature an outrageous gooey center in the form of Phillips’ exquisitely lubricious solos. And be sure to stick around for the ten-minute Animals-Doors mashup that bangs the final gavel.
-Richard Gehr

Georgia Music Magazine
Winter Issue, 2011

Glenn Phillips and Jeff Calder, two of the Atlanta scene’s most fiercely independent musicians, have been collaborators for years. But Sun Hex is only the duo’s second official joint project, recorded under their Supreme Court moniker. Seamlessly continuing the same vibe as Goes Electric did nearly two decades ago, this collection features the prolific guitarists in a typically jovial mood, eschewing the excesses of their formal projects and letting it rip with hilarious abandon. Anne Richmond Boston (Calder’s Swimming Pool Q’s foil) and Glenn Phillips Band/Hampton Grease Band alums Mike Holbrook, Bill Rea and Bob Andre fill the other seats on the dais. The result is a ribald cache of Beefheart/Zappa-informed, pre- and post-new wave/Southern gothic vignettes featuring Calder’s clarion vocals and Phillips’ incredible instrumentations, with an unhinged 10-minute version of “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place” closing the extremely enjoyable session. In the end, Sun Hex evokes the glory days of the 688 Club and the heady promise of Atlanta’s original new wave movement.
-Lee Valentine Smith

Atlanta Journal Constitution
November, 2010

Glenn Phillips, a prodigiously talented Atlanta guitarist, co-founder of the Hampton Grease Band and a local treasure, joins Swimming Pool Q’s frontman Jeff Calder for this new CD. Phillips has been part of this town’s musical landscape for more than 40 years. The Supreme Court, the pairing of Phillips and Calder with a rhythm section, celebrate a new album called “Sun Hex.” It’s only the band’s second release, and the first one came out in 1993. “Sun Hex” is an Atlanta history lesson on a little silver disc and proof of the enduring talent and adventurous musicality of the participants. The blend of Phillips’ guitar fireworks and the entwined voices of Calder and his Q’s band mate Anne Richmond Boston on “CIA ’66” and the sprawling title track are just a couple of the album’s many sonic treats.
-Shane Harrison